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Our Vision

The purpose of this wiki is to foster a collaborative effort to build curriculum based upon the Common Core Standards and the Core Knowledge Sequence. This curriculum will be built from the ground up by teachers actively at work in classrooms. The process utilized to build this curriculum is based upon the open source model, which has been demonstrated to be highly effective in software development. We believe this process is well-suited to curriculum development.

Our Principles

  • Curriculum should be developed collaboratively by real classroom teachers -- not simply by contracted companies nor professionals not actively engaged in classroom work. We believe this is essential because a viable curriculum is not only based on content, but how that content is to be delivered (pedagogy). No one can understand that fully without actively applying content in a classroom environment. We welcome, however, the active input and involvement of content experts and researchers.
  • The process of curriculum development should be transparent and accessible to all teachers and the public
  • Curriculum should be universally accessible to all students and differentiated according to the principles behind the Universal Design for Learning model
  • In order to provide access to English Language Learners, curriculum should be explicit about the language needed to understand the concepts through language objectives. The SIOP model provides great direction on how this should be done.
  • The curriculum developed should be licensed under a GPL style license to allow for open distribution and revision

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